Look forward
to your commute again.

Caroke turns your autonomous vehicle
into a private VIP karaoke

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Designed specifically for Autonomous

What if you can use your 2-hour commute to sing your heart out? Caraoke is the first and only karaoke app to make use of all the perks self-driving vehicles has to offer.


Auto Suggestion

Choose the right song whether you’re on a roadtrip or doing your usual urban commute on a rainy day. Caroke generates song suggestions based on your preferences, mood, ambience, and location.

Smart voice coaching

Never sing out of tune again. Improve your singing with our smart voice coach that will recognize your pitch and analyse your singing.

Voice Recognition

Start a song by just saying. Caroke understand what you say by leveraging your favourite voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa.

Playback and Social

Have fun together with everyone in the car with personalized vocal tracks and per-seat displays. Record and playback your fun memory or even share it with the world.

Coming soon to the models you love

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